June Begins the Bon Dance Season on the Big Island

June has arrived and with it the Bon Dance season on the Big Island. If you are visiting the island and have an opportunity to attend you should. Bon dance in Hawaii is a very social time. There will be local food for sale, Taiko drummers, men and women in Yukata (not required) and lots of dancing and music.

What is Bon dance? A celebration honoring  and remembering your ancestors. Spending an evening thinking about loved ones who have passed does not have to be depressing. Bon dance is one way to celebrate their memories while showing them that your life is moving foreword without them, and that your life is full of joy. What could be better than that?

Below is an online article published in Hawaii Magazine about Bon Dance as well as the 2016 schedule for Bon Dance, and a practice schedule if you would like to learn a dance or two. Lots of people just follow along at a Bon dance, so don't feel as if you have to know the dance steps. It's really all about having fun.