US Marine Need Our Help

It's Veterans Day Weekend; Let's Help A Veteran


John has been struggling through a lot of financial difficulty upon returning from Afghanistan. Like many other Veterans he just can’t seem to catch up, let alone get ahead.

I can’t tell you how grateful we would be for your support.  Donating, or sharing the gofundme link with your social network would mean so much to us. A little pocket change from enough people can add up to a big change in John and his families financial situation. We are not shooting for the moon, just enough to keep him out of bankruptcy.


My Son John is an Honorably Discharged US Marine Veteran who served in Afghanistan. This gofundme request is for financial assistance for him and his family. They are preparing to file for Bankruptcy and I hope together we can help them avoid this.

John has worked hard since his honorable discharge. It took a year and a half for him to get his VA exit exam, during which we paid for his medical care for everything, including what the VA should have been providing him.


It took John awhile to find employment following his service career when he came home to the Big Island of Hawai‘i. We are an economically depressed community. He wanted to continue to serve with the Marines, but they have no reserve units on the Big Island, so he switched over to the Army reserve. That says a lot right there about his commitment to Country.

He did his best with odds and end jobs until finding an opportunity in bomb removal. He has been a munitions removal specialist for a private military contractor for the majority of his post service time.

This means he worked at sites in the US removing active and possibly active live bombs from former US training sites and most recently the ship yards in San Diego. He risked exposure to toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and live bombs. The work was on and off again as it was dependent upon gov. contracts. He began incurring debt between contracts in order to support his wife and growing family.


After the birth of his second daughter he decided to change careers and has been in training for a new career in the Railroad industry.  His pay during this time has not been enough to meet his financial needs with a wife and three children. They lived in San Diego while John trained in Salt Lake City. The financial burden of two households became too much.


I don’t want them to have to file for bankruptcy, but he has navigated low military pay, on and off again gov. contract pay, and very low pay during his recent training period as best he could. I am very proud of what he has managed to do for his family while being financially crippled.  We have assisted him financially to the extent we have been able. But we have nothing left in our own savings to help him further. I’m not asking to get him a free ride as it were. He has always done for others at the expense of himself.

We can find no Veteran assistance programs that would help him either as he is not a homeowner. My son is a hard working Veteran who deserves more than bankruptcy following his service. Please help us help our son and his family avoid bankruptcy. The funds will be used to pay off his family’s debt. 

This money will allow him to avoid bankruptcy  which will allow him to continue his new career with the railroad and a fresh financial start. Currently he is contemplating a high risk private military service contract overseas just to have income for his family.

All our veterans deserve more than these kinds of options, but right now you can help one, my son and his family. It would mean so much to me if you would help. He is a good father, honorable man, and compassionate  human being. He thinks of others before thinking of himself.

They need the funds quickly as he is running out of time to avoid bankruptcy. Please help. No donation is too small. Small change will add up to a big change in this Veteran’s life.