The Palms Cliff House Inn
28-3514 Mamalahoa Highway
Honomu, Hawaii, 96728, United States
808-963-6076/ Toll Free #: 866-963-6076
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The Palms Cliff House Inn

There are places you can travel to that fill your mind with images and romantic ideas long before you ever arrive. The Palms Cliff House Inn, located on the ocean side of Honomu, the Gateway to Akaka Falls, is one such destination.

  • 2014 Best

Honored Again As The Best Bed & Breakfast in East Hawaii

The beauty of this Plantation Era Victorian Inn draws you in from the first moment you turn down the palm tree lined drive way and reminds you of Hawaii's Sugar Plantion past. For the independent traveler seeking a unique old Hawaiian experience. The Palms Cliff House Inn will hold a special appeal.

The Inn's ocean front private 3.5 acre estate ensures quiet relaxation. The Inn is conveniently located within easy driving distance to Volcanoes National Park, Akaka Falls, Mauna Kea's Summit, and Historic Hilo Town.

When we decided to open our home to guests as a boutique Bed and Breakfast, our goal was to create our Inn to be as unique as the Big Island. We set out to offer guests unique luxuries that are usually found only at large resorts. Items like private entrances to your room like a hotel, private bathrooms - no sharing!, quiet rooms - a must when traveling, private dining tables - invite others to join you only if you are in the mood, and comfortable beds - another must have when traveling.

 No matter what it is that leads you to the Big Island, discover the aloha of old Hawaii at The Palms Cliff House Inn.

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Our Value Packed Inn Will Save You Money - Compare The Savings For A One Night Stay
                                             Palms Cliff House Inn Fee:                          Average Resort Fee:
Resort Fee:                                         FREE                                                          $25/day
Hot Plated Breakfast For Two:      FREE                                                          $70/day
Onsite Parking:                                  FREE                                                          $25/day
Wifi:                                                      FREE for All Devices                              $15/day/device
Movies:                                                 FREE (600+ to choose from)              $12/rental
Total:                                                     FREE                                                          $147/Day!

                                                  Plus: We Offer A 10% CASH DISCOUNT

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We're Featured in United Airlines In Flight Magazine Hemispheres!

Here's an excerpt: Three Perfect Days: Hawaii - Author Jacqueline Detwiler

DAY ONE | By the time you reach John and Michele Gamble's breakfast table at the Palms Cliff House Inn, a rambling, many-porched cliffside hacienda that appears to have been airlifted straight from Charleston, S.C., you've already begun to forget [about your Blackberry]. Breakfast this morning includes local lilikoi (passion fruit) juice, orange-cranberry muffins and fresh pineapple.

Just when you think you're done, leaning back with a satisfied smile and taking deep breaths of air untouched by humans for more than 2,500 miles, John emerges from the kitchen with guava sweetbread French toast and mango-chicken sausage.You tear yourself away from the inn's paradisiacal porch, explaining that — as much as you'd like to stay all day and watch the moody waves explode into sea spray against Hilo's rocky shore — you've got to go see a man about a volcano. Read more at:

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The Palms Cliff House Inn is a legal, permitted, & inspected Inn operating on the Big Island of Hawaii. Book with confidence, knowing that you will be arriving to a clean, secure, and professionally operated business.

Michele Gamble has served on the board of the Hawaii Island Bed & Breakfast Association (HIBBA).

Both John & Michele offer consulting services to existing and aspiring Innkeepers & B&B Owners.

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